3 ways to enter Mural Harbor and become a vandal!

More than a hundred Graffiti, some of them of monumental size, decorate the facades of the old industrial constructions and offices at the harbor of Linz. Artists from all over the world transformed the beautiless docklands of Linz to an art hotspot.

Mural Harbor proudly presents its program, offering three different choices to explore the harbor gallery and try out a spray can. Not another gallery tour, but the transformation of visitors into "vandals with knowledge" is the aim here.

Mural Walk

Guided walking tour & graffiti crash course
Duration: 2 hour

Mural Boat

Guided boat tour & graffiti crash course
Duration: 3 hours
Orientation price: € 1,200.00 - € 1,500.00
The costs for the ship are independent of the number of persons

Graffity Workshop

Date: possible all year, recommended from March to November
Size of group: 20 - 45 persons
Price: on demand


Mural Harbor – Harbor Gallery
Phone: +43 (0)664 518 77 30
E-Mail: paint@muralharbor.at