The pleasure of a soundless go-cart with plenty of power and with no noise pollution: That’s what the unique e-carts from London promise. Environmental protection and fun in vehicles do not have to be mutually exclusive. These electric carts offer a pure race feeling without noise pollution or exhaust fumes. You don’t experience acceleration like this on traditional petrol-driven go-carts. Caution: risk of addiction!

Have you ever asked the question: Can you get that go-cart feeling without petrol fumes and a droning motor? Even after the first few laps in the e-cart, you won’t be asking this anymore. Stepping on the accelerator pedal makes it quickly and soundlessly clear that the e-carts are high-performance and that the enjoyment of riding doesn’t suffer in the least. The high fun factor with the freedom from noise and fumes is sure to impress you!


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Group size: from 1 person
Duration: individual
Costs: individual

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