The UNESCO City of Media Arts meets the future. Tourism Conference Linz 2015 – Meetings of the future

3rd December 2015 – Design Center Linz

The Tourism Conference 2015 in Linz was an inspirational event and provided the opportunity for more than 200 guests from the fields of business, culture, education and tourism to network and socialize. Keynote speakers discussed the following question: digital or emotional? – How will we meet each other in the future.

All participants agreed that although digital communication is important and simplifies our daily life, there is no replacement for personal contacts and networking.

The Linz’ philosophy for meetings is to meet ‘blue’, which means to focus on the people themselves and to take all their individual needs into account. Therefore the conclusion of this conference: it was a successful example for a blue meeting®.

Moreover Linz Tourism is happy that the efforts on invigorate blue meeting® bore fruits.

Oesterreichisches Umweltzeichen Green Meeting

Also, the conference was certified as a green meeting



Get an impression of the Tourism Conference 2015 in Linz:

  • Terry Stevens presented his theory about “tomorrow’s Tourists: the creative encounter
  • Round table with Roswitha Angerer, Christoph Berndl, Alexandra Fida and  Ewald Roth
  • Presentation „Easy enjoyments for complicated people“ by philosopher Robert Pfaller
  • Meeting experiment with Lukas Zenk from Donau University Krems
  • Presentation „Media Arts and the art of creation” by Christine Schöpf, Co-Director Ars Electronica und Prof. h.c. University of Arts Linz
  • Thoughts about “Linz change(d) with Media Arts” by Tourism Director Georg Steiner
  • Photos and Videos from the Conference (DE)



KR Manfred Grubauer
Chairman of Linz Tourism

Georg Steiner
Tourism Director

Tourismusverband Linz

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