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Successful conferences in Linz

“When choosing the venue for the 35th annual congress of AGA – Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery, Linz impressed us with its great price/performance ratio, the compact spatial concept of its Design Center and the professional support from Linz Tourismus!”
Isabell Faad, Intercongress GmbH, Head of Marketing & Sales,
Event: AGA Annual Congress

“An easily accessible location for international conference participants, a tourist board that provides full support, the great design of Palais Kaufmännischer Verein that epitomises Austria’s history, and a really lively, exciting IT industry: That’s Linz. With its wide variety of excellent cafes and restaurants and a beautiful city centre that lives up to its reputation, Linz was the perfect choice as a venue for our Topconf Software conference in Austria.”
Chris Frei, CEO, Topconf Software Conferences
Event: Topconf Linz

“The Design Center offers its customers diverse possibilities for designing events, conferences or meetings, and boasts a captivating, unique design and the latest technology. The event team supported us energetically in planning our event, and surprised us time and again with creative ideas to fulfil our wishes and achieve our vision. This made our company gala a great success, and Design Center Linz has become one of our most popular event locations, which we’ll also book again in the future.”
Julia Perner, Group Management and Human Resources Development, REWE International AG,
Event: BIPA Best Shop Celebration