Souvenirs from Linz

A lovely memento, a fan product or a collector's item – there's the perfect souvenir for every Linz enthusiast. From stylish loungers or practical bags to rubber ducks that change colour in hot bath water – there's something for everyone. Take a piece of Linz home with you!

Linz Tourismus Matten

Linz is mat-tastic!
Now your feet will always be clean. Design your own Linz.change(d) floor mat or browse in our mat shop:

Kugelschreiber Verkaufsprodukte linztourismus 16.7.14 TVL MC Klein1

Linz for your pocket
The Linz.change(d) ballpoint pen is available in 3 colours.
Price: € 1,50

Merian Verkaufsprodukte linztourismus

Linz's arteries
Special edition of the popular travel guide Merian on "The Danube – from the source to the mouth"
Price: € 7,95

Donauschwimmer Linz

Linz for your bathtub
There are quacking noises coming from Linz's bathtubs with our Linz.change(d) rubber ducks, which change their colour in hot bath water.
Price: € 2,50

Kopfhoerer Verkaufsprodukte linztourismus MC

Musical Linz
Enjoy music undisturbed with the Linz.change(d) headphones.
Price: € 3,50

Linz Liegestühle

The perfect accessory for every terrace
Our Linz.change(d) loungers are available in pink, lilac, blue, green and orange.
Price: € 35,00

Haderer Plakate

Caricatures by Gerhard Haderer
Our Haderer posters are available in 4 different versions. Size: A1
Price: € 5,00

Linz for foodies
The sweet ambassador of the Danube city – Linzer Torte.


All the sales articles above (excluding Linzer Torte) are available at the Tourist Information Linz:
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