Fresh and regional - markets in Linz

Foto: LinzTourismus Sigalov Foto: LinzTourismus Sigalov

Linz offers a variety of markets to experience throughout the year. At a total of 12 markets, diverse, fresh, delicious products from the surrounding region are available. The largest and most famous market in Linz is Südbahnhofmarkt, which invites you to browse, taste, try and shop from Monday to Saturday. It is the diversity and freshness of the goods on offer that make this traditional market so popular. Above all, Linz's markets are places for meeting and communicating. Fun and excitement awaits visitors at the Urfahranermarkt fairgrounds, and you can discover colourful variety at the flea markets, try punch and Lebkuchen at the Advent markets or enjoy delicatessen specialities at the street markets.