Experience (contemporary) history in Linz

Historical changes in the Danube city © LinzTourismus zoefotografie Historical changes in the Danube city © LinzTourismus zoefotografie

Linz has an eventful past, which has shaped the city distinctly. For many years, the Danube city has been intensively trying to come to terms with its recent history. Many events and exhibitions are and were dedicated to the topic of contemporary history in Linz.


Linz, City of Peace

Linz is the only city in Austria that officially designates itself a city of peace. Linz assumed responsibility in 1986 for "taking up the desire for and commitment to peace of the people of the city's and making it a basic principle of municipal political action." In times when world peace increasingly appears to be at risk, Linz Tourismus hopes to provide a warning by shedding light on the topic of contemporary history – not only through exhibitions, but also by coming to terms with the events and thereby passing on knowledge of them to future generations.


Contemporary history by the Danube

The second-largest river in Europe plays an important role in contemporary history. After the Second World War, it was the dividing line between the occupation zones and made Linz a divided city. It wasn't until the Austrian State Treaty was signed in Vienna sixty years ago that it finally became a connecting link for the cultures and regions. Since then, the people living along the river are closer than ever before.


Kontrolle durch russische Besatzungsmaechte auf der NibelungenbrueckeIn 2015, Linz became a major contemporary history exhibition

Exhibitions on contemporary history were provided in the Schlossmuseum, the Landesgalerie, NORDICO Stadtmuseum and voestalpine. Visitors could immerse themselves in the city's history at the Schlossmuseum exhibition "Liberated and Occupied. Upper Austria 1945-1955". You could also learn about recent history at the exhibition "Divided City. Linz 1945-1955" in Nordico Stadtmuseum and the Landesgalerie. In addition, the permanent exhibition at voestalpine remembers the forced labour under the Nazis at Reichswerk Hermann Göring. According to the chairman of Linz Tourismus, Manfred Grubauer, "Post-war Linz has become a pulsating, visionary city full of hope, which was the European Capital of Culture 2009 and is now a UNESCO City of Media Arts".

VOESTALPINE – „MUSEUM of contemporary history“
Further information about the exhibition: www.voestalpine.com/zeitgeschichte

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Linz History folder - read online or order for free
An overview of historical changes in the Danube city towards the City of Peace.

...zwischen Revolution und Weltkrieg 1848-1918
...zwischen Demokratie und Diktatur 1918-1945
...zwischen Wiederaufbau und Neuorientierung 1945-1984
...von der Industrie- zur Informationsgesellschaft 1984-heute
Fritz Mayrhofer, Walter Schuster (Hg.)

Nationalsozialismus in Linz Band 1+2
Fritz Mayrhofer, Walter Schuster (Hg.)

Bilder des Nationalsozialismus in Linz
Mayrhofer, Schuster (Hg.)