Museums for children

Children's programmes in Linz's museums © Ars Electronica Center Robert Bauernhansl Children's programmes in Linz's museums © Ars Electronica Center Robert Bauernhansl

In Linz, you can get a taste of the future! In the interactive adventure world of Ars Electronica Center, the museum of the future, for example, you can research the human body, clone plants or watch fascinating images at Ars Electronica Deep Space. A tour of voestalpine Stahlwelt is also exciting. Here, the global group shows how steel is made in a family-friendly manner.

Do you fancy immersing yourself in history? The exhibition Technology in Upper Austria at the Schlossmuseum delights both young and old with astronomy, physics and the history of technology in Upper Austria.

An overview of Linz's museums


Children's programmes in Linz's museums

Ars Electronica Center - Family tour
An adventure journey for children and adults through the museum, full of exciting thoughts about the future of our world: Perhaps in the future, robots will no longer be just toys but also our partners. Our vegetables could be created using a 3D printer. Discover and explore the future interactively.

Tip: Investigating, discovering and comprehending via game playing in the Kids’ Research Laboratory at the Ars Electronica Center! A total of eleven stations open here the opportunity to tinker, make music, draw, program and experiment.
Recommended for kids aged 4 to 8 - fun for the whole family!


Families in LENTOS Kunstmuseum
Inspector LENTOS' Mystery Chest – the whole family follows the trail of a suspect in the museum. Exciting for families with children aged 4 and above. In cooperation with Koh-I-Noor.
Los Lentoniños: A different programme every month in the museum, crafted to suit children aged 4 to 6.
Lentos studio for children: Saturdays 10.00 am–12.00 pm, in the holidays every Wednesday 3.00–5.00 pm


Children's programme in the OÖ Kulturquartier
A new cultural district has emerged at the heart of Linz: The OÖ Kulturquartier is the common link connecting the Landeskulturzentrum Ursulinenhof and the OK Offenes Kulturhaus cultural centres. It's a space for adventurous experimental regional culture and international art and festival highlights.


Upper Austrian Provincial Museums
Family Sunday: Every first Sunday of the month, families are invited to discover Linz's Schlossmuseum and Landesgalerie with free admission. As a special service, family tours (alternating) are offered in the Schlossmuseum, the Biology Centre and the Landesgalerie.

Active sheets (for children aged 8-12) are prepared for all exhibitions. These contain child-oriented information, puzzles and games. This allows families to explore the exhibitions in the Schlossmuseum alone – without a guided tour. The Dream Workshop of the Upper Austrian Provincial Museum offers adventures for visitors aged 5 and above.

The motto of Linz Biology Centre is "Acquire knowledge – understand nature". In addition to its natural science collections, special exhibitions on the animal and plant kingdoms with impressive specimens and exhibition pieces are organised.


voestalpine Stahlwelt
Take your children on a journey of discovery with Ferry and Molekularus through voestalpine Stahlwelt. In the holidays and on every first Saturday of the month, special guided tours for families with children aged 6 to 15 take place. The programme is adapted to suit the age of the young explorers. Duration: approx. 2.5 hours.