48 hours for Families in Linz

Suggested programmes for children below 6 years of age

Day 1 Grottenbahn Eingang Linzlinztourismus Gruber

Ascent on the Pöstlingbergbahn – visit the realm of dwarves in the grotto railway incl. a trip on the Dragon Express – lunch on Pöstlingberg, e.g. in Gasthaus Freiseder with its own playground, afternoon visit to Linz's zoo, and then there's a break at the kiosk, where parents can relax with a coffee while the children let off steam at the playground, followed by a descent on the Pöstlingbergbahn back to the centre (Hauptplatz).


Day 2

City tour on the Linz City Express – 11.00 am harbour tour on the MS Linzerin – lunch (there are also small snacks available on board the ship), walk by the Danube – large playground available – afternoon visit to the Schlossmuseum – exhibition: Nature in Upper Austria.
Tip: Make use of the cultural activities available for young children too – e.g. a visit to Kuddelmuddel or the Pupppenkistlbühne. Look forward to funny stories from Kasperl & Co.



Suggested programmes for children below 14 years of age

Day 1 voestalpine Stahlwelt

Morning visit to voestalpine Stahlwelt incl. tour of the plant – lunch in Panorama-Café or in a restaurant in the centre of Linz – 3.00 pm harbour tour on the MS Linzerin.


Day 2

Morning: visit to Ars Electronica Center – lunch in the city centre – afternoon:
Programme for good weather: Swingolf in Linz-Urfahr or ascent on the Pöstlingbergbahn to Pöstlingberg, a short break with coffee and Linzer Torte in Pöstlingbergschlössl – directly below the restaurant, there is a climbing playground.
Programme for bad weather: visit to the Schlossmuseum – exhibition on technology or nature – or Lentos Kunstmuseum.

Tip: With the Linz Card, you can benefit from many advantages on the city tour! Use the attractive accommodation offers for families in Linz.