Event highlights in Linz

All event highlights for Linz at a glance. Whichever month you visit the pulsating city by the Danube, you'll find the ideal event here.


15th - 31st of May 2017

Tanzhafen Festival

various places

26th to 30th of May 2017

Linz Story - international Storytelling Festival

Brucknerhaus Linz

25th - 28th of May 2017

paul's Soul Food Festival

Linz Harbor

3rd - 6th of June 2017

Festival 4020 Dream City

Brucknerhaus Linz

9ht of June 2017

Long night of churches

Churches in Linz

9th - 10th of June 2017

Linz AG Bubbledays

Linz Harbor

17th of June 2017

CANCELLED: Electric Church

Mariendom Linz

23rd of June 2017

Herrenstraße Celebration


16th of June 2017

Danube in Flames

Danube park

17th of June 2017

Celebration of Nature


17th of June 2017

Street Festival at Herrenstraße

Herrenstraße - Altstadt

22nd of June - 1st of July 2017


Theaters in Linz

23rd - 25th of June 2017

Ufern - Danube-Beach-Festival


30th of June - 1st of July 2017

Bicycle Happening - 200 years of bicycles

Lentos art museum

8th of July 2017

Familienbund Knights Festival

City center

11th of July 2017

Ahoi! The Full Hit of Summer

Danube park

13th - 29th of July 2017

Cirque Éloize - Cirkopolis - guest performance

Musiktheater Linz

14th of July 2017

Night of Families

various places

16th of July 2017

Martin Grubinger - Classic music in front of the Cathedral

Mariendom Linz

18th of July 2017

Best of Haindling und Carmina Burana
mit den Münchner Symphonikern - Classic music in front of the Cathedral

Mariendom Linz

19th of July 2017

Erwin Schrott & Friends - Classic music in front of the Cathedral

Mariendom Linz

20th - 22nd of July 2017


City center

2nd - 20th of August 2017

Disneys Beauty and the Beast - guest performance

Musiktheater Linz

4th - 5th of August 2017

Linz City Flea Market

City center

11th of August 2017

Danube in Flames

Danube park

18th - 19th of August 2017

Krone Festival Linz

City center

31st of August - 2nd of September

Wine & Art

Old Town

7th - 11th of September 2017

Ars Electronica Festival

varous Places

8th - 10th of September 2017

Street Food Festival


9th of September 2017

Sparkasse OÖ Visualisierte Klangwolke (Cloud of Sounds)

Danube park

15th -16th of September 2017

Genusslandstraße (Long shopping night)

City center

16th of September 2017

Sparkasse OÖ Klassische Klangwolke - Open Classic Night


16th of September - 13th of Oktober 2017

International Brucknerfest


17th of September 2017

Sparkasse OÖ Kinderklangwolke (Cloud of Sounds for kids)

Danube park

15th - 16th of September 2017

Genusslandstraße (Long Shopping Night) 

City center

31st of September - 8th of October 2017

Urfahraner autumn market


18th Nof November 2017 - 23rd of December 2017

Linz Christmas 2017

various places

3th of December 2017


Old Town